S1:E1 France: Rhône

Hit CC for subtitles while playing • Watch on a big screen with Apple TV or Chromecast In this independent documentary on terroir, taste and tradition the successful Guigal family openly shares their love and passion for wine making. Known as ‘the masters of the Northern Rhône’ Marcel Guigal and his son Philippe Guigal will tell us about Syrah, which was born in the Côte-Rôtie, Viognier and the amazing terroirs of Rhône, where the first vines were planted in Roman times.

Robert Parker: “I’ve never seen a producer so fanatical about quality as Marcel Guigal”

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Monica Pelucci - Very nice show!

Great job! Finally a good show about wines. As wine lovers we have a lot to read but not as much to watch. I like the combination of the different wine families and their vineyards, gives a great view of the different regions of the country. I bet this is great marketing for their wines, although the wines are in the higher price classes. Anyway, looking forward to season 2 in Italy.


Sarah Johnson - Rhône love!!

I love Rhône wines so much so i was really glad a documentary came out. it is really nice to see the real people behind the work and suscces.

Keep up the good work in Rhône!! Sarah



A beautiful emotion to hear, from the voice of the protagonists, a story that passes through the generations and comes down to us to tell a story of men, places, passion.

Sarah Heller - Beautiful and Thoughtful

Wine Masters is a beautifully produced, cinematic quality documentary that gives both wine novices and industry insiders something to enjoy. Each subject is handled thoughtfully and with nuance, spending enough time with the whole family to get a complete picture of what makes the winery and the region unique.


Ira Del Rosario - Congratulations!! We needed

Congratulations!! We needed these documentaries to be able for us (asians) to visualize and better understand what is really happening in the wineries and vineyards and the reasoning behind the specific quality and style of each winery. I hope their will more of these wine documentaries that will feature different wineries from different wine regions.