Trailer Season 1: France

Trailer of the first season of Wine Masters we visit five wine regions in France where we discover the know-how behind the most famous grape varieties and the terroirs. (5 episodes).

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Robbert Bell - Very good

Very good and beautiful.


Monica Pelucci - Very nice show!

Great job! Finally a good show about wines. As wine lovers we have a lot to read but not as much to watch. I like the combination of the different wine families and their vineyards, gives a great view of the different regions of the country. I bet this is great marketing for their wines, although the wines are in the higher price classes. Anyway, looking forward to season 2 in Italy.

Chiara Giorleo - Great support for wset courses

These videos are very professionally done and truly engaging thanks to their focus on the fascination and the history hidden behind the bottle. Their value is also supported by the value and the communication abilities of the experts involved. What's more I find them an excellent source for wine courses such as the Wset diploma