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Look forward to these shows:

WineMasters: How It's Made

In-depth cinematic/highly visual documentaries about:
Amphoras, Barrels, Yeast, Cork, Glass and much more!

Expected: Summer 2024

WineMasters Class:

Grand Cru

The successor to WineMasters Class, filmed on location of all the famous collector's Grand Cru places.

Expected: End of 2024

The Science of Wine

Hosted by Jamie Goode. Every episode will have a question and Jamie will do an experiment that will reveal the answer...

Expected: TBA

2 Swedish Somms Cooking for Wine

Andreas Larsson and Fredrik Lindfors show and explain what to cook for specific grapes. Such as Chardonnay, Syrrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, and much more!

Expected: Start of 2025 Channel Trailer

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