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The internationally highly acclaimed cinematic documentary series about taste, tradition & terroir. Each season covers an Old World country with each episode covering a specific wine region.

WineMasters SE1 France

Rhône - Loire - Bordeaux - Burgundy - Alsace


Philippe Guigal

Rhône - E. Guigal

Arnaud Bourgeois

Loire - Henri Bourgeois

Hubert de Boüard de Laforest

Bordeaux - Château Angélus

Véronique Drouhin

Burgundy - Joseph Drouhin

Pierre Trimbach

Alsace - Trimbach

Told by the Guigal family

The successful Guigal family openly shares their love and passion for winemaking. Known as ‘the masters of the Northern Rhône’ Marcel Guigal and his son Philippe Guigal will tell us about Syrah, which was born in the Côte-Rôtie, Viognier and the amazing terroirs of Rhône, where the first vines were planted in Roman times.

"I’ve never seen a producer so fanatical about quality as Marcel Guigal." -Robert Parker

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Told by the Bourgeois Family

In the beautiful Loire Valley, known as the ‘Garden of France’, lies the birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc: Sancerre. In this 45-minute documentary, the wine-producing Bourgeois family shows their deep-rooted passion for the area, terroir, grape and wines. Making wines for 10 generations the family knows that Sancerre is Sauvignon Blanc at its best but that it’s also still developing.

"I think that is a good definition of what makes a great wine; wines made with love." -Tim Atkin

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Told by the de Boüard de Laforest family

Bordeaux is one of the French wine regions where the highest-priced and sought-after wines are produced. Idyllically located nearby the historical town of Saint-Émilion stands Château Angélus. This is where the 8th generation of the family de Boüard de Laforest produces Bordeaux wines with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

"Hubert de Boüard de Laforest is a real superstar. It’s not a surprise that he is highly sought after as a wine consultant." -Jeannie Cho Lee

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Told by the Trimbach family

For 13 generations, back in 1626, the Trimbach family is dedicated to producing Alsace wines. In this cinematic documentary, the family members share their personal drive, family history and the stories of Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. Winemaker Pierre Trimbach is reputed as a Grand Vigneron by all the top journalists and Alsace wine lovers by producing the most age-worthy white wine: Riesling.

"The Alsace is undervalued and underappreciated." -Tim Atkin

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Told by the Drouhin family

Since 1880 the Drouhin family has been producing Burgundy wines in the heart of Beaune. Their Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs are charming and soft, just like the female winemaker who makes them; Véronique Drouhin. In a wine region with countless plots where some of the most prestigious wines are produced, this successful family keeps their feet firmly on the ground.

"I say Burgundy is easy: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir..." -Frédéric Drouhin

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And also featuring in all WineMasters France episodes

Tim Atkin

Master of Wine

Jeannie Cho Lee

Master of Wine

WineMasters SE2 Italy

Piedmont - Campania - Tuscany - Veneto - Sicily


Gaia Gaja

Piedmont - Gaja

Piero Mastroberardino

Campania - Mastroberardino

Marchese Piero Antinori

Tuscany - Antinori family

Raffaele Boscaini

Veneto - Masi

Alberto Tasca

Sicily - Tasca d’Almerita

Told by the Gaja family

Barolo en Barbaresco wines are strongly in demand by wine collectors. Although both villages in Piedmont are very close, and the wines are both made by Nebbiolo grapes, some say Barolo is more masculine and Barbaresco is more feminine.

"Barolo is a gentleman and Barbaresco is a lady, but a ‘tough’ lady." -Gaia Gaja

"The small imperfections give the soul to the wine." -Angelo Gaja

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Told by the Mastroberardino family

Campania was called ‘Campania Felix’ by the Romans, meaning ‘Happy land’. The Romans considered it the best place to grow wines. Mastroberardino was the only one that kept faith in the native Aglianico grapes from Taurasi. Some say these are archeological wines, others say it’s the Barolo of the South.

"Barolo should be called the Angianico of the North because it’s longer around." -Burton Anderson

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Told by the Antinori family

The renaissance of Italian wines started in Tuscany with Sangiovese grapes. Piero Antinori was one of the first to produce quality Chianti Classico and introduced the first Super Tuscan. Antinori is one of the oldest family businesses in the world.

"It takes centuries to build a name and seconds to destroy it." -Alessia Antinori (26th generation)

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Told by Boscaini family of Masi

Amarone della Valpolicella was invented by mistake. The ‘Appassimento’ method is a fascinating process, the concentrated wines are made by grapes that are dried on bamboo racks for months.

"My grandfather had Valpolicella as a bottle of everyday wine and Amarone for Christmas and was in need of a wine for the Sundays. So he invented the Ripasso." -Raffaele Boscaini

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Told by the Tasca d’Almerita family

The Regiliali Estate in the middle of Sicily is like an oasis in the desert. The first prestigious Nero d’Avola wine was made here by the old noble family Tasca d’Almerita. Alberto Tasca: “It gave me freedom once I realized I’m only the land keeper of this place for a short period.”

"You have to be a fatalist to grow wines on Etna." -Luigi Tasca

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And also featuring in all WineMasters Italy episodes

Sarah Heller

Master of Wine

Richard Hemming

Master of Wine

Burton Anderson

Wine Writer

WineMasters SE3 Spain

Priorat - Penedes - Jerez - Rias Baixas - Rioja


Alvaro Palacios

Priorat - Alvaro Palacios

Miguel Torres

Penedes - Torres

Fermin Hildalgo

Jerez - Hidalgo la Gitana

Vicky Mareque

Rias Baixas - Paso de Señorans

Isaac Muga

Rioja - Muga

Told by the Torres family

Climate change and recuperating ancestral grape varieties are the two main topics of the Penedès episode.

The Torres family is at the forefront of preparations for climate change, it needs serious adaptations in viticulture. For example by placing vineyards on higher altitudes for cooler temperatures.

The family also invested many years in bringing back over 50 ancestral varieties which were found all over Catalonia.

“Spain has to be on every wine list in the world, always.”

Miguel A. Torres

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Told by Alvaro Palacios

The spectacular Priorat area once produced Spain's finest wines. But with Phylloxera and (civil) wars approaching, the vineyards were abandoned.

This changed when the young hippie and pioneer Álvaro Palacios decided not to work in his family winery, but to start a winery on the steep hills of Priorat with one goal: to make fine wines from a single variety, as is done at Bordeaux’s famous Château Pétrus, where he was partially trained.

"I was the apple of my father's eye, and then I left. So, I can imagine it was not nice for him." - Alvaro Palacios

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Told by Fermin Hidalgo

Sherry is made in Jerez and is probably the most well-known wine style from Spain, but it fell victim to its own success with the export of sweet sherries.

The old Hidalgo family produced sherry from the start and has always focused on dry types of sherry, especially Manzanilla, the driest wine in the world, because "the flor of the wine eats up all the sugar".

These wines are very popular in the sommelier scene.

"Sherry is everything. It can be an aperitif and it can finish a meal and do everything in between. But above all, it is a wine." - Christy Canterbury

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Told by the Muga Family

Told by the five tall nephews of the Muga family, Tim Atkin MW and Christy Canterbury MW.
In this episode, a lot of attention is given to wood. At the Muga winery, the whole process of fermentation is done in wood. New techniques are combined with a very traditional approach.

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Rias Baixas

Told by Paso de Señorans

In Rías Baixas everyone has a small vegetable garden and vines in their backyard, especially Albariño. The Mareque - Bueno family who runs Pazo Señorans, was a pioneer of Rías Baixas and issued its own appellation. Albariño is now being embraced as Spain's best white wine.

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Wine Professionals

And also featuring in all WineMasters Spain episodes

Christy Canterbury

Master of Wine

Tim Atkin

Master of Wine

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