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New Release Wine Masters Class: German Burgunders - Pinots

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Reviews by our Customers

I dare to comment that the Wine Master series is an absolute jewel for the wine geeks, wine lovers, and even wine enthusiast, perfectly executed, so Congratulations for your participation! I look forward to watching the next season and to re-watch the first one soon!

Linkedin Review

Really enjoyed it, Thought it was very well produced, It will make a great teaching tool for anyone who is interested in learning more about wine, keep it up and thank you so much.

Vimeo on Demand review

As a wine lover, no wine connaisseur, I very much enjoyed watching the different documentaries of this series! Must see for anyone into (drinking) wines!

Imdb review

Wine Masters is a beautifully produced, cinematic quality documentary that gives both wine novices and industry insiders something to enjoy.

Amazon review

Nicely made documentary. Havent seen this before in the wine industry

iTunes Review

Love your show, as a student in winemaking I found it incredibly inspiring and informative. I can definitely see how this show can inspire a new generation of winemakers and professionals.

Linkedin Review