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Wine Masters Italy

In Wine Masters Italy we visit five wine regions where we discover the know-how behind the most famous grape varieties and the terroirs:

  • Nebbiolo terroir in Piedmont
  • Taurasi terroir in Campania
  • Sangiovese terroir in Tuscany
  • Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara & Pinot Grigio in Veneto
  • Nero d’Avola & Etna terroir on Sicily

With the help of each region’s most prestigious wine producer, the viewer learns about the personal drive and family stories the origins and history of the best grape varieties, terroirs, and wines. The wine producers who share their stories and passion for wine with us are:

  • Gaja
  • Mastroberardino
  • Antinori
  • Masi
  • Tasca d’Almerita

They all have something in common: they run renowned family businesses. The family members share their ways of collaboration, task division, keeping the family legacy going and worries about succession with us.

Masters of Wine Sarah Heller and Richard Hemming give their honest, authentic and critical opinions about each region, grape variety, terroir, wine and producer. They will also explain why certain wines are so valuable, what makes them and the terroirs so unique and how the interested wine drinker can make the best choice wine-wise.

Piedmont, Gaja family

Gaja_-_giovanni_gaja_s Gaja_-_gaia_gaja_s Gaja_-_angelo_gaja_s

Barolo en Barbaresco wines are strongly in demand by wine collectors. Although both villages in Piedmont are very close, and the wines are both made by Nebbiolo grapes, some say Barolo is more masculine and Barbaresco is more feminine.

Barolo is a gentlemen and Barbaresco is lady, but a ‘tough’ lady.

Gaia Gaja

The small imperfections give the soul to the wine.

Angelo Gaja

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Campania, Mastroberardino family


Campania was called ‘Campania Felix’ by the Romans, meaning ‘Happy land’. The Romans considered it the best place to grow wines. Mastroberardino was the only one that kept faith in the native Aglianico grapes from Taurasi. Some say these are archeological wines, other say it’s the Barolo of the South.

Barolo should be called the Angianico of the North because it’s longer around.

Burton Anderson

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Tuscany, Antinori family

Antinori_-_allegra_antinori_s Antinori_-_albiera_antinori_s Antinori_-_marchese_piero_antinori_s

The renaissance of Italian wines started in Tuscany with Sangiovese grapes. Piero Antinori was one of the first to produce quality Chianti Classico and introduced the first Super Tuscan. Antinori is one of the oldest family business of the world.

It takes centuries to build a name and seconds to destroy it

Alessia Antinori (26th generation)

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Veneto, Boscaini family - Masi

Sandro Boscaini Raffaele Boscaini Massimilla di Serego Alighieri

Amarone della Valpolicella was invented by mistake. The ‘Appassimento’ method is a fascinating process, the concentrated wines are made by grapes which are dried on bamboo racks for months.

My grandfather had Valpolicella as an everyday wine and Amarone for Christmas and was in need for a wine for the Sundays. So he invented the Ripasso.

Raffaele Boscaini

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Sicily, Tasca d’Almerita family

Tasca_-_alberto_tasca_s Tasca_-_conte_lucio_tasca_s

The Regiliali Estate in the middle of Sicily is like an oasis in the desert. The first prestigious Nero d’Avola wine was made here by the old noble family Tasca d’Almerita. Alberto Tasca: “It gave me freedom once I realized I’m only the landkeeper of this place for a short period.”

You have to be a fatalist to grow wines on Etna.

Luigi Tasca

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